Estate Planning involves creating a lasting legacy for your children and other family members. Whether it is a simple will or a more complicated trust, Brian can create the perfect plan to meet your needs and goals for the future.

The best way to avoid a costly and emotionally draining contest is to create a comprehensive plan for the future which includes not only a plan for distribution of your assets after death, but also the necessary powers of attorney to plan for your future incapacity and guardianship of your minor or incapacitated children.

Helping you preserve your estate is of the utmost importance to Brian. There are several documents to consider when creating a comprehensive estate plan:
1. A Will or Trust;
2. A Medical Power of Attorney;
3. A Durable Power of Attorney;
4. A Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Later Incapacity or Need of Guardian;
5. A HIPAA Authorization;
​6. A Lady Bird Deed;
​7. A Transfer on Death Deed;
​8. Supplemental Needs Trust.